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How DV360 and CM360 Work Together

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Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) and programmatic counterpart Display & Video 360 (DV360) prove their value every day as separate digital marketing tools. Put them together, and they deliver powerful post-campaign reporting, analysis, ad screenshots and critical client insights.

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We’ll show you how to use trafficking best practices and combine the underutilized features of these two digital marketing tools to generate in-depth analysis and more valuable client insights. If you’re more of a visual learner, you can also check out this YouTube video on the topic:

Benefits of Combining DV360 with CM360

So what’s the payback from linking CM360 and DV360? You can expect three key benefits from combining the two products:

  • Auto-sharing of creatives with DV360 results in a better, more efficient workflow. There’s no need for tag sheet downloads and uploads as creatives are automatically ported into DV360. You can preview and test your ad tags from CM360 or DV360 at Previewads.com (see below).
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  • Linking the two digital tools reduces additional work by eliminating the need to create a standalone advertiser in DV360. As a result, Floodlight activities in your CM360 advertiser port automatically, along with the associated audience data.
  • Trafficking your creatives in CM360 and linking them delivers deeper insight into how your DV360 campaigns are converting and impacting your other campaigns and channels.

Connecting Placements and Creatives

As digital marketers, we know the importance of properly setting up your CM360 architecture. So when your placements automatically port over to DV360, they’re visible in the Creatives tab by their “CM360 ID.” Take an extra moment to finalize what details you need in your reports in both tools.

Here are the most important things to consider in creating a one-to-one relationship between CM360 and DV360.

CM360 Trafficking Recommendations

Follow these tips to create a 1:1 relationship between your Creatives:

  • in CM360, traffic a single creative asset for each placement
  • at placement, use consistent naming conventions to identify your Creatives in DV 360 easily
  • when trafficking your placements, make sure to use the correct site ID
  • your placements should port to DV 360 automatically but allow up to 48 hours for completion.

If you need to export CM360 data, such as tag sheets, follow this guide from Google.

DV360 Trafficking Recommendations

The following tips will also help you create a 1:1 relationship for your CM360 Creatives within DV360:

  • traffic a single CM360 placement to your line item
  • use consistent naming conventions to identify your Creatives correctly in reporting
  • with the Creative assigned to an active line item, the audit process should be complete and available within 48 to 72 hours.

How to Combine Campaign Manager 360 Display & Video 360 Effectively

How DV360 and CM360 Work Together

Setting up your campaign properly is critical to ensure in-depth reporting. Linking these two digital tools provides clear added value to your tracking and analysis.

Even if you decide not to use CM360 initially, linking to DV360 when creating an advertiser gives you more options in the future. You can then connect an existing advertiser effortlessly in CM360 without setting up a new advertiser or if you’ve already run a programmatic spend. That’s a tremendous saving in time and setup work if your client or reporting needs change.

There’s also no downside to linking the two at the campaign planning stage.

How to Link DV360 to CM360

Combining the two digital marketing tools starts with creating your initial CM360 advertiser. The DV360 setup requires a CM 360 network and advertiser ID to establish the connection.

The other critical element needed in effectively linking is the CM360 site ID. The site ID is connected to one specific directory site URL. That’s what allows placements to port as creatives to your DV360 advertiser. Without the correct site ID, the CM360 placements will not be available as Creatives in DV360.

Reviewing Costs on Both Platforms

A couple of simple best practices will help you quickly view costs on both platforms. First, start with a review of product spending in each media for an accurate baseline to identify any discrepancies between platforms.

To view the cost of buying impressions from DV360 in CM360, simply pull the “DBM Cost” into a standard report. DBM Cost includes the actual cost of impressions purchased from exchanges in addition to partner or third-party markups and related expenses. So, using this metric in CM360 provides a better estimate of overall campaign costs.

There is one important limitation. Some costs are not compatible with DV360 dimensions resulting in no reports for YouTube, 1×1 pixels, or wrapped creatives. However, there is a workaround to view this data. First, ensure the ‘Report Display & Video 360 cost to Campaign Manager 360’ is enabled in the settings. At the same time, choose the ‘View Cost’ permission In CM360.

New Insight Potential with Combined Digital Tools

It’s important to remember that once built-in CM360, Floodlight activities are now automatically ported to DV360, although it may take up to four hours to appear for conversion tracking.

While Campaign Manager 360 reports all advertiser conversions, Display & Video 360 only reports conversions for Floodlight activities tracked for each line item. Remembering that distinction will help you analyze and report more quickly and accurately.

Audience Building Outcomes

Several thresholds must be reached before the audience will automatically port to DV360. Generally, results usually appear after 48 hours and at least 100 audience members, once Floodlight activities create thousands of impressions or hundreds of conversions. Data is then available in the ‘All Audiences’ tab for management and analysis within CM360.

Integrating DV360 and CM360 will pay back in much-increased efficiencies and more reporting options with a bit of care and advanced planning. It’s much easier than it looks and well worth adding the combination to your digital marketing toolkit.

Linking CM360 with DV360 Delivers Value

After a record year in 2021, Zenith Media predicts US digital advertising spending in 2022 will reach $214.7 billion and exceed 60% of global ad spending in 2022.

Combining digital marketing tools like Campaign Manager 360 and programmatic counterpart Display & Video 360 will help agencies and digital marketers provide more significant analysis and increase client value.

If we can help enhance your efficiency for Campaign Manager 360/DV 360 screenshots, Ad Reform supports both and even allows you to upload CM 360 tag sheets directly.

Ad screenshots with CM360 and DV360 tag sheets

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