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How Vici Media uses Ad Reform’s Xandr integration, webhooks and Zapier to save hours a week automating their campaign screenshots process

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Ad Reform Xandr integration and webhooks

Using Ad Reform’s Xandr integration

Vici Media uses a variety of DSPs to manage its programmatic campaigns across numerous campaign types. Using Ad Reform’s Xandr integration, Vici Media automatically syncs campaigns, advertisers, and ads into Ad Reform daily, reducing any need to upload those creatives.

Ad Reform Xandr integration

Using Ad Reform’s Workflows feature, screenshots are are then generated automatically on any ads coming in through the Xandr integration (any campaigns with the keyword “Audio” or “OTT” are excluded.

Workflow’s allow you to automate the generation of screenshots on certain sites based on campaign name or advertiser

Vici Media then use Ad Reform’s webhooks to automatically push the completed screenshot files and info to Zapier. Think of Zapier as a mailman who quickly takes the screenshot info and delivers it wherever you want. In their case, they set up some actions to organize the data and formatting, and automatically push it into a Google Sheet that they manage.

Zapier actions
Pushing screenshot files and info to Google Sheets

Syncing screenshots to their customer reporting portal

Here's the cool part: the Google Sheet, where all the screenshot files and info are now stored, is connected to their customer reporting portal. When something new is added to the sheet, it shows up in the portal too. All of this is happening in seconds. Magic!

Lastly, Vici Media's customers can go to the reporting portal, view their campaign screenshots, and download them. This makes it self-service for their customers, saving them time in having to put the screenshots into PowerPoint presentations and send them off via email.

Vici Media customer reporting portal

What Vici Media is saying

"We’ve had the pleasure of using Xandr's integration with Ad Reform and the experience has been nothing short of a game-changer. Firstly, the automatic syncing of all the campaigns and associated ads that we run is a huge time saver. Once the screenshots are generated via Ad Reform, the process is seamless. The Ad Reform webhooks smoothly relay this information to Zapier, which then funnels it straight into Google Sheets and our customer reporting portal.

This empowers our customers with the ability to view and download the screenshots directly from the portal and has streamlined our operations saving our team many hours a week.”

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