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How Mediassociates taps automation to saves hundreds of hours on ad screenshots for their programmatic campaigns

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How Mediassociates taps automation via Ad Reform to saves hundreds of hours on ad screenshots

Ad screenshots were a daily manual effort

Before finding Ad Reform, ad screenshots were a huge time commitment for the ad operations team at Mediassociates. Once they trafficked the creatives from the client, they would spend hours manually searching around the web for ads/URLs where they could capture a screenshot, and finally, build out a PowerPoint presentation to send to the client. This was incredibly expensive too because they had much higher impact work that they needed to for their clients such as building campaigns, placing tags on sites and optimizing spend/budgets. This inevitably made ad screenshots a big morale killer as well. Fed up with this process, Mediassociates searched for an automated solution.

In comes Ad Reform

Since transitioning this manual task to Ad Reform's automated platform, it has saved the ad operations team loads of time. In fact, last year the team saved an estimated ~300 hours on programmatic ad screenshots!

“We are definitely getting what we need! The service has been a game-changer for us!” - Nick Garbuio, Sr. Ad Ops Specialist

Now they can simply upload their ads and generate sets of ad screenshots in bulk, all over the web.

Ad Reform automates programmatic ad screenshots

Once an ad screenshot campaign is complete, the team member gets an email notification with a link to the completed set (see below), and they can then download the screenshots or use the PowerPoint that is automatically generated.

Ad Reform automates programmatic ad screenshots and sends notifications
Example of email notification from Ad Reform

This workflow not only saves them hours every day, it also allows them to run a set of ad screenshots, then go work on their more impactful work while the screenshots are generating.

"It's night and day how much more work we can do with ad screenshots off our plate."

Another big win was how easily trainable the platform was. As a growing business, it's important to the Mediassociates team that tools and processes be highly repeatable and easy to pass along to new employees.

"Ad Reform is a product you only have to show once or twice to someone before they get it. It's also something that's very easy to delegate to more junior employees on the team who are still learning the ropes."

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